Research Groups and Labs

We currently have a 200 square meter of lab space with 4 labs. In addition to department labs we also have labs in the engineering faculty that is shared between departments such as computer and CAD/CAM labs.

Distributed Computing and Security (DCS, 10 students, 20 m2)

Computer Forensics
Cyber Security and Cryptography
Distributed and Parallel Computing

Robotics and Embedded Systems (RES, 20 student, 30 m2)

Sensors/RFIDs/Photonic Devices
Computer Vision
Intelligent Systems
Artificial Intelligence

Software Systems and Informatics (SSI, 25 student, 30 m2)

Image Processing
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Medical and Bioinformatics
Operating Systems and Databases
Emerging Web Technologies

Networks & Mobile Technologies (NMT, 25 student, 40 m2)

Internet of Things (IoT)
Mobile Systems
Cloud Computing
Big Data and Analytics
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
Engineering Faculty Labs

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab
Electronics Measurement Lab
Softare Development Labs (Total 3)
Logic Design Lab
Microprocessor Lab


Create and disseminate knowledge by constituting a scholarly community focused on research and education in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. We will engage in inter-disciplinary research and impact all programs at Akdeniz University. Our outreach activities will fuel economic development and contribute to the health and well being of society.


Our vision is to be within the top 10 of computer science and engineering departments in Turkey. Our graduates will be leaders and innovators in industry, education, and government in Antalya, Turkey and Europe. The faculty will be recognized for the quality of their research and will influence the national and international agenda.


Antalya Campus
Dumlupınar Boulevard 07058 Antalya / TURKEY
Tel: +90 242 227 4400 (internal 4361)
Tel: GPS:36°53’51.8″N 30°38’59.3″E