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Department presentation (Bölüm Tanıtımı 2019)

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The Department of Computer Engineering at Akdeniz University was established in 2011. It is one of the youngest such departments at Akdeniz Univesity.Our department building is located in Akdeniz Univesity’s Main Campus in Antalya – where our students can take the majority of their courses and conduct research with our faculty in state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories and interact with some leading technology companies located on Campus and Antalya.

The mission of the department is to create and disseminate knowledge by constituting a scholarly community focused on research and education in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. Our research in the science and technology of computing improves research and education not only at Akdeniz University but also Antalya and the nation. Our educational programs equip our students to be competitive, to succeed in their profession, and to contribute to society.

Our key areas of expertise are in Theory (Algorithms,Theory of Computation), Systems (Computer Architectures and Operating Systems, Embedded and Real-Time Systems,Parallel and Distributed Systems, Scientific and High Performance Computing), Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Agents; Data-Mining, Information and Knowledge Discovery, Engineering and Management; eCommerce Technologies; Information Visualization, Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction), Networks (Networking and Performance Evaluation), Security (Software and Network Systems Security, Information Assurance, Privacy), Software Engineering (Requirements, Formal Methods, Reliability Engineering, Process and Methods, Programming Languages), and Computer-Based Education. The department has a number of teaching and research laboratories, centers and other facilities that support its educational and teaching mission. We foster strong multidisciplinary and collaborative interactions and long-term ties with a number of other Akdeniz State departments, programs, centers and divisions, and with other universities, industry, government agencies and laboratories, and other partners on campus and beyond. This includes joint appointments and/or faculty affiliation in the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics programs in Medical School at Akdeniz University; Mathematics program at Science Institute, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department.


Create and disseminate knowledge by constituting a scholarly community focused on research and education in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. We will engage in inter-disciplinary research and impact all programs at Akdeniz University. Our outreach activities will fuel economic development and contribute to the health and well being of society.


Our vision is to be within the top 10 of computer science and engineering departments in Turkey. Our graduates will be leaders and innovators in industry, education, and government in Antalya, Turkey and Europe. The faculty will be recognized for the quality of their research and will influence the national and international agenda.


Antalya Campus
Dumlupınar Boulevard 07058 Antalya / TURKEY
Tel: +90 242 227 4400 (internal 4361)
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