Faculty Members
Melih Günay
Prof. Dr. Melih Günay
Phone:+90 (242) 310 6324
Email: mgunay at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: North Carolina State University
MSc.: North Carolina State University
BSc.: Istanbul Technical University
Research Interests:Computer Vision, Embedded Systems, Bioinformatics, Emerging Web Technologies, Data Management, Internet of Things
Ümit Deniz Uluşar
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ümit Deniz Uluşar
Phone:+90 (242) 310 6382
Email:umitulusar at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: University of Arkansas
MSc.: Bogazici University
BSc.: Marmara University
Research Interests:Internet of Things, Software Engineering, Medical Signal and Image Processing, Web Technologies, Data Management
Alper Bilge
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Alper Bilge
Phone: +90 (242) 227 4400
Email: cse at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: Anadolu University
MSc.: Anadolu University
BSc.: Anadolu University
Research Interests:Recommender Systems, Machine Learning, Information filtering, Privacy
Murat Ak
Asst.Prof.Dr. Murat Ak
Phone: +90 (242) 227 6352
Email: muratak at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: Bilkent University
MSc.: Bilkent University
BSc: Bilkent University
Research Interests: Cryptography, Network security, Provable security


Taner Danışman
Asst.Prof.Dr. Taner Danışman
Phone: +90 (242) 227 4400 / 4392
Email: tdanisman at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: Dokuz Eylül University
MSc.: Dokuz Eylül University
BSc.: Dokuz Eylül University
PostDoc: Lille 1 University Science and Technology
Research Interests:Computer Vision, Image Processing, Facial Analysis, Multimedia Information Retrieval
Mustafa Berkay Yılmaz
Asst.Prof.Dr. Mustafa Berkay Yılmaz
Phone: +90 (242) 227 4400 / 4349
Email: berkayyilmaz at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: Sabancı University
MSc.: Sabancı University
BSc.: Bahçeşehir University
PostDoc: Telecom SudParis & École de Technologie Supérieure
Research Interests:Biometrics, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction
Gökhan Akçay
Asst.Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Gökhan Akçay
Phone: +90 (242) 227 4400
Email: hgakcay at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: Bilkent University
MSc.: Bilkent University
BSc.: Bilkent University
Research Interests: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Joseph Ledet
Asst.Prof.Dr. Joseph William Ledet
Phone: +90 (242) 227 4400
Email: josephledet at akdeniz.edu.tr
PhD.: Auburn University
MSc.: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
BSc.: Louisiana State University
Research Interests:Software Engineering, Model Driven Engineering, Computer Architecture



Create and disseminate knowledge by constituting a scholarly community focused on research and education in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. We will engage in inter-disciplinary research and impact all programs at Akdeniz University. Our outreach activities will fuel economic development and contribute to the health and well being of society.


Our vision is to be within the top 10 of computer science and engineering departments in Turkey. Our graduates will be leaders and innovators in industry, education, and government in Antalya, Turkey and Europe. The faculty will be recognized for the quality of their research and will influence the national and international agenda.


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